Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Bourbon und anderen Vanillesorten?

What is the difference between bourbon and other varieties of vanilla?

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Bourbon vanilla is one of the most famous and popular varieties of vanilla. The scent of the bourbon vanilla pods is gentle, complex and very full-bodied, with sweetness and sensual roasted aromas. The taste is warm, aromatic and malty. Some chefs and pastry chefs refer to the flavors as fruit, toffee, honey, plum, oak and raisins. Depending on the method of cultivation, storage and maturity of the extract, the taste and aroma of bourbon vanilla can vary greatly, but the typical flavor will be clearly evident in each variety. They are available in a variety of forms, including essential oils, spices and powders, beans and extracts.

Vanilla is a universal ingredient in all kinds of desserts these days. It is one of the most popular flavors used in both sweet and salty.

Bourbon is the name given to the commercially produced vanilla pods that come mainly from Madagascar. In contrast, other varieties of vanilla can be grown in different regions from which they are made. They differ in their cost, aroma and taste. For example, Mexican Vanilla is fairly full-bodied in flavor, while Tahitian Vanilla has more complex flavors. The different types of vanilla are used in a variety of baked goods and each variety has its own specific flavor.

Recognizing a real bourbon vanilla bean is not that difficult. Mood, shape and aroma are the most important indicators. First, the smell: a bourbon vanilla pod should smell incredibly sweet and unique. Second, the shape: Bourbon vanilla pods are very straight and have a slightly glazed surface. Thirdly, the length-a real bourbon vanilla pod should be between 10 cm and 23 cm long.

Bourbon Vanilla is a unique gourmet vanilla that stands out from the crowd with its unique aroma mix of flowery and fruitiness. To make sure you get a real bourbon vanilla pod, you should look for a high level of aroma and a nice, smooth, shiny pod. Bourbon vanilla also has a slightly higher sweetness than other types of vanilla. So, if you opt for gourmet vanilla products, and do not just want to choose any vanilla, you should choose bourbon vanilla from vanilla. sale. You will not regret it!

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