Der ausgestorbene Dodo von Mauritius

The extinct dodo of Mauritius

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The dodo was a flightless bird species once native to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. Due to its inability to fly and the absence of predators on the island, the dodo had adapted to the environment, but this ultimately led it to its extermination.

The discovery of the island by Dutch navigators in 1598 marked the beginning of the decline of the dodo. The intruders brought numerous animals, including pigs, monkeys and rats, which quickly became a threat to the dodo.

Human hunting of the dodo made the situation even worse, as the bird was unable to escape or defend quickly. In just 80 years after the discovery of the island, the dodo was completely exterminated.

Tea in honor of the dodo

Today, various artifacts and remains of the dodo commemorate its existence in Mauritius. Also the dodo coconut tea from is a product that bears the name of the extinct bird.

The Dodo-coconut tea Is a tribute to the dodo. The taste of this tea is unique and reminiscent of the tropical environment in which the dodo once lived.

The Boischeri brand is known for its unique teas and has created a special product with the dodo coconut tea that not only flatters the taste buds, but also recalls one of the most fascinating birds in history.


The dodo may be extinct, but its memory lives on. The dodo-coconut tea is an example of how we can honor the past and maintain the memory of an extinct species. It also reminds us that in the future we must take better care of our environment and strive to protect threatened animal species to prevent similar tragedies such as the eradication of the dodo from being repeated.

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