Just wait and see.

In our vanille.sale shop, we offer the option of pre-ordering unavailable products.

Due to their great popularity, it sometimes happens that vanilla products or Bois Cheri tea are not always directly available in the desired packaging size or flavor.

Especially in times of long "ship jams" in front of the ports, there can be delays in subsequent deliveries. We constantly strive to avoid this - most of the time we succeed, sometimes not.

For this reason, unavailable products can be pre-ordered from us. We offer a direct discount of 5% on pre-orders.

The pre-order is completely risk-free, because we only use secure payment methods for pre-orders, so that the pre-order can be canceled at any time and the purchase price is fully refunded.

Pre-orders are subject to the right of withdrawal from the receipt of goods by the customer, i.e. even if a pre-order was more than 14 days ago, the pre-order can be revoked at any time.

To ask? - We are happy to answer questions in chat or by email at info@vanille.sale or info@boischeri.de.