Warum die Vanilleschote die Königin der Gewürze ist!

Why the vanilla pod is the queen of spices!

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Vanilla pods are the aroma of the world and make every cake or pastry a unique taste experience. But vanilla pods are more than just a spice! Not only do they make dishes sweeter and more aromatic, they also have a lot of history and culture. In this blog post, we take a look at what makes vanilla pods so special and why they are the queen of spices. From their special origins to the different species to the possibilities of use and storage: let's dive deeper into the world of vanilla pods together and disappear from their indescribable aroma and culture.

Vanilla is one of the most expensive and exquisite spices in the world. The queen of all spices is a luxury product that most chefs use only on special occasions. But what makes vanilla pods so valuable? The reason lies in the long and complex production. The whole process takes several months and begins with the flowering period of vanilla orchid. In this short time, the flowers must be pollinated manually so that they bear fruit. Then they can be harvested and dried before being processed. But even after all these steps, the vanilla is not quite ready. The fruit must ferment in the sun. Because of the elaborate processing process, vanilla is an expensive but luxurious ingredient that makes every cake special.

Vanilla pods are a true all-round talent when it comes to rounding dishes and enriching them with the right flavor. As the queen of spices, they are an indispensable part of the modern kitchen arsenal. Vanilla has been used as a spice for centuries and is essential in many recipes. It gives food a very special, sweet taste that gets to the point and is still not too intrusive. Whether for baking, cooking or flavoring drinks, vanilla tastes good with almost everything. In order to get the full aroma out of the vanilla, it should definitely be used fresh during preparation. To do this, cut the vanilla pod lengthways and scrape out the black vanilla pulp with a small knife. Alternatively, the spice flavors are also noticeable in liquids such as milk, cream or syrup. You can also put the pulp directly into the dough and mixture in order to optimally distribute the flavors. So that not only the food but also the kitchen smells of vanilla, a few drops of essential vanilla oil are always a good idea.

Vanilla is more than just a simple spice; it is a sensual experience. Vanilla may be bursting with a delicious aroma in combination with a delicious cake, a creamy milkshake or in a cinnamon buns. Headphones on and into the world of vanilla. With its delicate aroma, vanilla strengthens the arts and crafts and enchants us in a culinary way.

We hope that now you understand why vanilla is the queen of spices. Give yourself to the smell and taste and let yourself be enchanted by the aroma of the vanilla pod. We celebrate the refreshing aroma of vanilla every day, what are you waiting for? With this in mind: Happy Vanillising!

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