Eine Vanilleschote ist nicht immer eine Bourbon Vanilleschote

A vanilla bean is not always a bourbon vanilla bean

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Here, too, there are big differences: #Aroma, size, packaging and natural origin play a major role in the quality of the vanilla bean.
We offer our customers only the best quality. Our #Vanilleschoten are planted and raised with love by small farmers on #Magadaskar. Kissed by the tropical sun, the vanilla beans can develop their full aroma and size.
Vanilla beans from Vaynilla are approx. 20 cm long, this speaks for an exclusive premium quality. Hand-harvested, it continues to packaging and processing, which takes place under the strictest hygiene standards.
Bourbon vanilla pods, #Vanille extract, #Vanillepaste or #Vanillepulver - The choice is yours.

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