Entdecken Sie die Geschichte von Paul & Virginie

Discover the history of Paul & Virginie

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Paul & Virginie is a love story that took place in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean more than 200 years ago. The famous novel by Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre was the template for many books, films and other works of art. For many, it is the most romantic love tragedy of all time, a symbol of the tragic consequences of slavery. The story is about Paul & Virginie , Two childlike lovers whose short-lived happiness suddenly ends.

The novel has been translated into over 30 languages and has its distribution. He was internationally known. Today, the novel is also a symbol of the infinite beauty of Mauritius as a holiday destination. The beach where Paul & Virginie love each other is still located today in Pointe aux Piments, on the southwest coast of the country. A short visit to the beach or a walk along the famous hiking trail will be part of an interesting and unforgettable holiday experience in Mauritius.

The story tells of the unfulfilled love between Paul and Virginie, the two protagonists who grow up in a paradisiacal island world. The story is known throughout the world and has a large following. Many places where Paul and Virginie met can still be found in Mauritius today. If you are on holiday on the island, be sure to take the time to discover these places and experience history from a new perspective. Some of the better known places are the Ile aux Cerfs, where Paul and Virginie met several times, the Great Lake Landscape and the Tea Garden, where Virginie went for a walk on Lake Liliensee. The Black River Gorges National Park, which is known for its beautiful landscape, is also particularly beautiful. If you want to know more about Paul and Virginie, you can also visit the Musée des Pays de Paul & Virginie in Pamplemousses. There you will learn everything about the history of the two and can even visit a reconstruction of the original plantation. So let yourself be enchanted by Paul & Virginies history on your next Mauritius holiday.

Paul & Virginie is firmly linked to the history of Mauritius. The events that take place in the novel have resurrected in many parts of the country. A perfect example of the novel-like presence in Mauritius is Grand'Baie. On the north coast of the island, a small fishing village emerged from a lively seaside resort in the 1970 s. Today Grand'Baie is a popular vacation spot whose beaches conjures up beautiful architectural masterpieces. Since Paul & Virginie was published in 1787, being in love with the dream beach has been an established part of Mauritian culture. A visit is definitely worth it.

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