High-quality gourmet gift set "Vanilla Trilogy" from Mauritius

Ingredients: 1 bourbon vanilla bean, 30ml bourbon vanilla extract with vanilla seeds, 15g bourbon vanilla powder


This high-quality gourmet gift set contains: premium bourbon vanilla extract (30ml), 1 real bourbon vanilla bean and bourbon vanilla powder (15g) from Mauritius

Premium Bourbon Vanille Extrakt (30ml): Bourbon Vanilla Extract is the perfect substitute for a vanilla bean in any recipe. Basically, 2 teaspoons of bourbon vanilla extract is equivalent to one medium-sized vanilla bean. The Bourbon vanilla extract has the advantage that it can be used immediately, for example for ice cream, vanilla sauce in cakes and biscuits etc. The bourbon vanilla extract not only tastes great, it also looks good in every recipe thanks to the vanilla seeds it contains. Ingredients: sugar, vanilla extract (may contain traces of alcohol), vanilla seeds.

vanilla bean: Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise. Use a sharp knife for this. Scratch the vanilla seeds lengthwise out of the vanilla pod. Add the vanilla seeds obtained in this way to your dish and enjoy the unique scent and taste of real Bourbon vanilla. The vanilla seeds are great for cakes, creme brulee, ice cream and any other pastry or chocolate. You can put the empty vanilla pod in a closed glass with sugar and get delicious bourbon vanilla sugar this way. Alternatively, you can add the empty vanilla bean to any other dish that is being cooked. The vanilla pod then gives off its excellent aroma to fruits, for example. Remove the empty vanilla bean before serving. The empty vanilla bean gives every dish an excellent taste. Ingredients: Bourbon Vanilla-Schote. 

Vanilla Powder (15g): We recommend using vanilla powder in any dish where you want the exceptional flavor and aroma of bourbon vanilla plus the finely speckled look of natural vanilla. The vanilla powder does not dissolve even when cooking, so that the unique aroma and the look are fully preserved. Half a teaspoon corresponds to a medium vanilla bean. The vanilla powder of the bourbon vanilla can completely replace a bourbon vanilla pod and the vanilla extract and has the advantage that it can be used immediately and no preparatory work is required. Ingredients: Ground bourbon vanilla beans.