Real premium bourbon vanilla beans from Mauritius - the queen of spices!

Ingredients/Content: 2 bourbon vanilla beans, origin: Madagascar/Mauritius


Real premium bourbon vanilla shots (entirely) straight from Mauritius

The scent of vanilla is unique: intense, harmonious and balanced. This fragrance is like no other and harmoniously combines almost 200 natural individual substances into a fine, enchanting composition. It's not for nothing that vanilla is called the "queen of spices".

Discovered a long time ago in Mexico and later used in medicine, vanilla has become an integral part of international cuisine. Only vanilla from the so-called Bourbon Islands (Madagascar, Réunion, the Comoros and Mauritius) may be sold as Bourbon vanilla.

  • Without the addition of flavor enhancers, colorings and artificial flavors
  • top quality
  • the pods are fresh and aromatic
  • In a blister pack for optimal freshness and shelf life
  • Halal, vegan, kosher
  • Excellent for baking and cooking
  • 100% natural

Vaynilla Ltd. supports the Taylor Smith Foundation, established in 2010, which helps poor families and children and also works to protect the environment.