Real premium bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar - the queen of spices!

Ingredients/Content: 100 bourbon vanilla beans, origin: Madagascar


Real bourbon vanilla pods fresh, hand-picked and packed on site. The scent of these vanilla pods is unique: intense, harmonious and balanced. This fragrance is like no other and harmoniously combines almost 200 natural individual substances into a fine, enchanting composition. It's not for nothing that vanilla is called the "queen of spices" and bourbon vanilla is the crowning glory among vanilla varieties.

Only vanilla from the so-called Bourbon Islands (Madagascar, Réunion, the Comoros and Mauritius) may be sold as Bourbon vanilla. Without the addition of flavor enhancers, colorings and artificial flavors. Top quality. The pods are freshly packed and shrink-wrapped under the strictest hygiene regulations. For further optimal storage after opening the vacuum packaging, you will receive a special opaque stand-up pouch with a zip closure.

The bourbon vanilla beans are halal, kosher and vegan.

Vanilla has become an integral part of our kitchen. Conjure up fantastic cakes and tarts, refine your desserts or how about homemade jams or ice cream? Bring gourmet cuisine to your home and spoil yourself and your loved ones with fantastic dishes.

Real premium bourbon vanilla shots (whole) from Madagascar.

  • Without the addition of flavor enhancers, colorings and artificial flavors
  • top quality
  • the pods are fresh and aromatic
  • In a blister pack for optimal freshness and shelf life
  • Free of charge for you, including an opaque stand-up pouch with ZIP closure
  • Halal, vegan, kosher
  • Excellent for baking and cooking
  • 100% natural