Vanilla Tahitensis - the South Sea vanilla bean - is native to Tahiti in French Polynesia. Due to the higher amount of work involved in breeding and processing, it is one of the most expensive vanilla species in the world. It is thicker than, for example, our bourbon vanilla beans, because it matures on a liana and is then further processed in a drying process.

Tahitian vanilla beans are generally shorter, plumper, and contain much higher oil and water content than bourbon vanilla beans. The aroma is floral, fruity with a soft taste. They are often described as smelling of licorice, cherries or wine. Gourmet pastry chefs love to work with the Tahitian variety (Tahitensis), which is perfect for many applications. Although Vanilla Tahitensis has a shorter size than Vanilla planifolia, its aroma is much sharper than that of vanilla planifolia (bourbon vanilla).

The cultivation and harvesting of the vanilla beans is carried out under strict and elaborate criteria. Regardless of the type of vanilla, the cultivation of vanilla beans is predominantly manual work, so a consistently high quality of the vanilla beans is ensured.

Without the addition of flavor enhancers, colorings and artificial flavors. Top quality. The pods are freshly packed and shrink-wrapped under the strictest hygiene regulations. For further optimal storage after opening the vacuum packaging, you will receive a special opaque stand-up pouch with a zip fastener from us.

  • Without the addition of flavor enhancers, colorings and artificial flavors
  • Top gourmet quality
  • The pods are fresh and aromatic
  • In a blister pack for optimal freshness and shelf life
  • Free of charge for you, including an opaque stand-up pouch with ZIP closure
  • Halal, vegan, kosher
  • Excellent for baking and cooking
  • 100% natural