Bois Cheri Green Tea Jasmin

100g (loose) green tea with a fine jasmine note from Mauritius by Taste of Paradise

Ingredients: 100% GREEN TEA 0.28 grams JASMIN, origin: Mauritius

Bois Cheri green tea with a fine jasmine note

The Bois Cheri green tea with a fine jasmine note convinces with its tender, nonetheless exotic fresh Aroma and gives you life energy and strength.

Green tea was discovered more than 4000 years ago and is said to have one "healing effect" after. Green tea can not only anti-inflammatory work, but also protects the body and mind from the inside out. Furthermore, the High supported when sunbathing, as it is made more resistant. Green tea contains many healthy ingredients that have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Many types of green tea from Asia are contaminated with pollutants. Bois Chéri Green Tea is grown and harvested exclusively and carefully in the highlands of Mauritius.

The addition of milk and sugar should be avoided, as this impairs the absorption of the valuable polyphenols. Instead, the addition of a dash of lemon is recommended, as this increases the positive effect of the polyphenols and antioxidants. Furthermore, the tea should not be prepared with boiling water, otherwise a slightly bitter note is mixed in.

Strengthen yourself from within - only with Bois Chéri green tea with a fine jasmine note!

Where does Bois Chéri tea come from and what makes the tea label so unique?

With Bois Chéri tea you will discover an extraordinary taste experience!

The tea label Bois Chéri Tea comes from the unique island of Mauritius. There, the impressive aromatic tea is highly valued and holidaymakers who enjoy Bois Chéri tea also have positive memories of the excellent tea. The unique tea can be tasted in the Bois Chéri tea museum with a tea factory on site. The pleasant climatic conditions for tea cultivation and the high-quality production ensure an extraordinary taste experience that is convincing at any time of the year!