Bois Cheri Gold Label (Vanilla flavor) 500g loose black tea from Mauritius by Taste of Paradise.

Ingredients: 100% BLACK TEA / 2.5 grams of VANILLA FLAVOUR

Origin: Mauritius

Sun, beaches, tropical climate, exotic plants - a little paradise on earth, Mauritius.
Bring paradise home with our Gold Label Black Tee from Bois Cheri!
Prepare yourself a cup of tea, close your eyes and enjoy the heavenly taste of Bois Cheri black tea with a wonderful vanilla aroma. If you pull it short, it has an invigorating effect, if you pull it longer, it has a calming effect.

Depending on availability, this article will also be delivered in 125g (4 pieces) or 250g (2 pieces) packs.

Bois Cheri Gold Label